About Ken

By 8, Ken was singing, playing piano, clarinet, flute, & sax. He discovered computer recording & sequencing at 12, which led him to teach himself composition. In high school, he began composing & arranging works for sax & choral ensembles. Ken received a BFA from NYU in Theatre Arts, where he also developed an interest in sound design & theatrical composition. He is Executive Director and Co-Founder of Proximity Theatre, of which he is also the Musical Director, & composes music for all Proximity productions. He has performed as bandleader for many different performance ensembles, and has also recorded and produced albums of music with pop artists as well as himself. These projects have led Ken to the world of scoring for film and media which he is excited to continue developing. When Ken is not writing pop songs, composing for theatre or movies, taking pictures, taking apart and fixing anything he can get his hands on or building instruments, furniture, or gadgets, he is playing drums & singing with his young son Luka.